Our Case Studies

Our Case Studies

Rauch Security does not provide direct security services. We work with and advise our clients to identify strategies and solutions and help choose and manage qualified service and product providers who are under direct contract to the owner not to Rauch. This approach provides our clients with unbiased and objective advice and management.

Nothing demonstrates our expertise, facilitation, management, team selection and problem solving abilities more than real-world examples.

Our case studies offer you the opportunity to learn more about us and our determination to resolve issues associated with a projects challenges and illustrates how Rauch has risen to the toughest challenges, ensured business success and supported client endeavors worldwide.

Case Study: Diplomatic Facility Security and Training Assessment

Primary challenges associated with the project was access to quality information which included as built drawings as well as determining which Government entities would be involved at which stages of the project.

Case Study: Protection of Oil Production Assets and Resources

Due to the sensitive nature of the tasks set forth, it was imperative that only a carefully chosen, limited number of high level key individuals from Client and proposed resources and other stakeholders be made aware of the programs details. Due to endemic corruption, it was critical that a careful vetting of these individuals be undertaken as the first step in the process. The inability to meet this criterion which extended from Client officials to proposed local and international resources, consultants and vendors would have ended the program immediately.

Case Study: Property Specific Active Shooter Program

When violence erupts in a facility, the outcome and events of the scenario are unpredictable. Injury or death of building occupants, lawsuits, property damage, and diminished trust in the property by guests, visitors and employees and the community are just a few of the possible consequences.

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