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Smart cities offer us considerable potential to improve living standards in towns and cities across the globe. However, to be truly considered ‘Smart’, these buildings and cities should be able to address emergency situations rapidly and more coherently when an event occurs.

Integrated Command and Control Centre (ICCC) platforms provide technologies that create a secure smart city environment, protecting citizens and infrastructure by utilizing real time data, providing greater situational awareness resulting in better decisions and reactions to events and policy making.

Three critical components which should be integrated at the conceptual stages of the ICCC design process are:

  • Terrorism Threat Mitigation & Management requires cultural awareness and a knowledge of the geopolitical environment with positive and negative potential impact on the area of operations and any participants in the activities associated to the project, its facilities, activities/events, and personnel.

    Rauch Security brings topical and regional expertise born by team members with 30+ years of individual experience in theater. Our team is noted for technical and human intelligence, facilities and infrastructure security, open source, and cyber intelligence, geopolitical and financial environment threat analysis.

    Applying these capabilities with Rauch Security’s facilities planning development and program management expertise assures success of all parties involved. Host nation, Government, law enforcement, investors, staff, and guests all benefit when facilities are designed and maintained with proactive plans for security and safety.

  • Fire, Life Safety & Security’s primary role is to enhance the safety of the public. A properly planed and designed safety and security program should provide the framework for shared situational awareness, intelligence, and communications to counter physical and cyber threats, preparing authorities for both reactive and predictive incidents.

  • Crisis Management works hand-in-hand with Safety and Security. It is imperative that a crisis management program which ensures the preparedness of authorities for disaster-related events, be in place and properly implemented.

  • Program Assessment is an ongoing process that continuously measures the effectiveness of ICCC platforms and should be integrated into the overall ICCC strategy.

Rauch develops and manages project specific, holistic Fire, Life Safety and Security and Crisis Management strategies, wherein properly integrated technologies, systems, and trainings are designed, engineered, and implemented to work together seamlessly, to deliver fast, effective emergency response and management.

  • Broad experience on thousands of real-world installations
  • Deep knowledge and understanding of international codes and standards
  • Strong participation in industry committees
  • Access to unique technologies, strategies, and expertise through extensive international strategic partnerships
  • Comprehensive approach to ensuring compliance
  • Experience with the integration of fire & life safety systems with other building systems

Having a partner with the knowledge and experience to develop a holistic integrated strategy for these emergency situations is not only critical, but “Smart”.

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