Telecommunications Group

Telecommunications Group

Comprised of a combination of numerous network elements, a telecommunications network is the foundation of all telephony activity that connects the end user to virtually anywhere in the world.

Non-existent, under-designed, maintained, and managed telecommunications networks result in limited or no access to basic communication, emergency services, consumer and commercial benefits and the internet. Intensifying complexity of networks, increasing volume of devices, and multiple new technologies are additional global telecommunications challenges.

Critical to the design, development, deployment, operations, administration, and maintenance of any telecommunications network are the following key elements;

Executive administration:

Program and project management:

Our full spectrum of end-to-end advisory and management solutions guide critical programs through the entire design to deployment process – from site acquisition, zoning coordination, civil and structural engineering to construction permitting, and construction management.


The demand for more bandwidth and higher throughput, a significant increase in the number of remote workers, innovative applications like autonomous cars and telemedicine are just a few of the significant changes and opportunities within the Telecommunications industry.

As technology has developed, the threat landscape has changed to include more sophisticated and dangerous security risks. IoT user exposure, third party risk, distributed reflection denial of service (DrDoS), terrorism and state actors, cyber-attacks specifically against the telecom industry are soaring. With the Industry controlling a vast majority of complex and critical national infrastructure, the impact of a successful attack is not only significant, but extensive.

Our approach for end-to-end security is based on a consistent security philosophy of providing our clients a solid foundation on which to build scalable, security sensitive systems, by focusing on:

Cyber Security Group

General Security Group

Smart City Group

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