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System Vulnerability Assessments & Penetration Testing

Physical Security Vulnerability Assessments

Used as either a new security plan or an update of an existing plan, SVA’s are a systematic analysis of your facilities physical security features that will identify potential vulnerabilities and opportunities for adversarial exploitation.

Information is a vital and important asset for any organization. Understanding your organization’s security state and identifying vulnerabilities protects the confidentiality, integrity and availability of critical data.

A major security breach could cause...

IT Security needs to be part of an ongoing risk-management process, protecting...

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCDR or BC/DR) are closely related practices that describe an organization’s preparation for unforeseen risks to continued operations. The trend of combining business continuity and disaster recovery into a single term has resulted from a growing recognition that both business executives and technology executives need to be collaborating closely instead of developing plans in isolation.

Low Profile, Confidential & Discreet

Whether a business executive, governmental dignitary or private citizen personal protection services ensure safety both at home and when traveling.

As security agents of governments, our advisors have inspected and conducted extensive security advances and threat assessments in all parts of the world, in both friendly countries and hostile environments for government and business leaders.

Rauch Security advisory and management services provide protection for critical infrastructure, private businesses and government facilities that are vulnerable to process sabotage, criminal attack, terrorism and natural disasters.

Identifying and managing an integrated strategy and the required qualified resources provides the ability to mitigate these threats.

Training courses and material are general in nature and unclassified or for Official Use Only (FOUO). All of the material shall be screened for sensitive and classified material. Not all material is suitable for foreign governments or persons.

Training curricula will be reviewed for content. The training process will be evaluated to ensure it meets the ever-changing needs of training and or requirements.

Training curricula should be integrated with and used in conjunction with your established operating procedures and should not be intended to be all-inclusive or absolute.

Intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR), an integration of intelligence and operations, are principal elements of defense capabilities, and include a wide variety of systems for acquiring and processing information needed for protecting critical infrastructure, private businesses, government facilities and individuals that are vulnerable to attack.

Identifying and managing an integrated strategy and the required qualified resources provides the ability to mitigate these threats.

Advice and management for confidential and sensitive assignments for multinational companies and private individuals.

Cyber Security Group

Smart City Group

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