Assessments and Surveys

Assessments and Surveys

System Vulnerability Assessments & Penetration Testing

System Vulnerability Assessments - Testing live production systems identifying and quantifying technical vulnerabilities.

Value - Dramatically reduces risk caused by causing unpredictable behavior, instability or system crashes.

Penetration Testing - Utilizes active exploitation of security vulnerabilities by simulating an attack in order to evaluate the security of a system or network.

Value - The process involves active analysis of the system for weaknesses, technical flaws, and vulnerabilities.

Physical Security Vulnerability Assessments

Used as either a new security plan or an update of an existing plan, SVA’s are a systematic analysis of your facilities physical security features that will identify potential vulnerabilities and opportunities for adversarial exploitation.

Primary Goal - Evaluate threats against assets and recommend effective countermeasures to impede opportunities for attack.

Secondary Goal - -Provide a solution that is specifically tailored to unique threats while being financially responsible without sacrificing safety.

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