Technology & Manufacturing Transfer Program

Technology & Manufacturing Transfer Program

Technology and manufacturing capabilities are fundamental for social and economic progress in societies. It often takes years or decades to bring a technology from research and development to the marketplace. The Technology and Manufacturing Transfer Program brings technologies with established manufacturing processes to strategically selected regions. The result is an efficient transfer of knowledge and accelerates social and economic growth.

A Partnership for Success


Bio Medical Field content

Diabetes is a metabolic disorder in which the body has high sugar levels for prolonged periods of time. It has many negative long-term effects to our health. Monitoring of blood glucose level is an important part of the management of diabetes. A blood glucose monitor consists of a test strip and an electric reader. The test strip is an enzyme coated sensor which converts glucose to an electric current that can be measured by the electronic reader. The technology is well understood but the manufacturing process still requires a high level of skills and control.


Global Headquarters

5550 Painted Mirage Rd. Las Vegas, Nevada 89149 USA
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