Rauch Security does not provide direct security services. We work with and advise our clients to identify strategies and solutions and help choose and manage qualified service and product providers who are under direct contract to the owner not to Rauch. This approach provides our clients with unbiased and objective advice and management.

Today's efforts to secure businesses, personal and government assets requires coordination between security consultants, businesses, government, law enforcement and citizens.

One of the many difficulties in choosing the right security consultants and vendors is that the field is incredibly broad. Security is made up of hundreds of individual disciplines, all of which must be carefully integrated while maintaining a vendor-neutral approach to sustain objectivity and enhanced service levels. Considerations must be made for a client’s situation, budget, timeline, and requested deliverables

Rauch Security provides advisory and management services that address complex security challenges. Services that are not based solely on pre-established “best-practices” but that incorporate practical, real world and on-the-ground experiences sourced from our internal team and from our global network of resources. We provide clients with essential expertise in assessing risk, identifying and managing qualified resources and insuring that a dynamic process of effective security is governed and maintained by a comprehensive, practical, and fully-implemented security program.


Rauch has extensive knowledge and experience in various markets. If you need services in a different industry view our other companies.