Company Policies

Cultural Awareness

When working in the global commercial environment, Rauch Security understands that the impact of cultural differences is one of the keys to international business success or failure.
Rauch is committed to continually Improving levels of cultural awareness for itself, its Employees, Affiliates, and Strategic partners in building international competencies and becoming more globally sensitive.
Rauch requires that domestic and international Individuals, Subsidiaries, Affiliates and Strategic Partners working for or with Rauch Security understand and observe the following key points;
  • Become familiar with the statutes, directives, treaties, and agreements that will affect contracting operations when deployed.
  • Much of the business conducted by contractors overseas is by negotiation. Negotiating for lower prices should be considered a normal business practice.
  • Be aware of anti-terrorism countermeasures and security.
  • Maintain information operations security in all your activities.
  • Try to understand the culture and customs.
  • An informed visitor is a safer visitor.
  • Recognize other nations may not have lifestyles and habits similar to our own. Resist the temptation to make value judgments.
  • Establish a rapport with local nationals. If you do so, they can forewarn you about suspicious activities and may even ward off impending attacks. They may also prevent you from making grave social errors that might offend other local nationals.
  • Try to learn as much of the local language as possible, but especially know key phrases such as “I need a policeman,” “Help,” “Fire,” or “I need a doctor.”
  • Avoid becoming involved in local politics and steer clear of civil disturbances.
  • Know how to use local telephones and keep sufficient pocket change on hand to use them.
  • Try to blend in with your environment as much as possible. Rather than going to popular, American-frequented restaurants and bars, try local establishments suggested by your trusted local national friends, as the tourist attractions can become targets.
  • If major attractions in the country are experiencing security problems—stay away. Instead, try to keep a low profile by visiting less frequented places.
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